Winey Moms of Temecula

Because its our turn to WINE!

About Us January 16, 2012

Winey Moms is a group of fun-loving, active, involved and adventurous mamas in the Temecula Valley who gather twice a month to taste, picnic and chat, celebrating the great outdoors and each other.  For many Winey moms it wasn’t long ago that “flats” described vacation locales in London rather than (gulp) sensible shoe ware. ‘Minivan’ was a dirty word (still debatable), our blenders produced tropical libations rather than steamed veggie purées and the only fluid we were worried about pumping was gas into our cars. While our lives as new moms have made these things necessities it doesn’t force a complete departure from our precious pastimes. After all, life doesn’t end with kids, it gets richer!  While planning a play date in 2011 for our young daughters and desiring a break from the typical park day, Melissa, Sarah & Kristen took a guess that we were all lamenting the loss of lively happy-hours with colleagues and friends and suggested we have our play date at a family-friendly winery.  Thus Winey Moms was born.


What many people don’t know, is that several wineries are family-friendly and make excellent locations for an afternoon gathering with the kids.  Do wineries have to be family friendly? Of course not! But we are hoping to scope out all that are for other mamas like us. We rate and review each location taking into consideration the facility itself as well as the reception we get from the staff.  While our mission starts in Temecula Valley, we plan to make field trips to other winey areas in the future. If you are from one of these regions and would like to report your winery findings back to us, we will happily publish them as a service to traveling families in search of vintners to visit.  Our goal is simple: spread the joy of wine, family and friends.



6 Responses to “About Us”

  1. Hi Ladies,

    Thanks for taking so much time to put together such an awesome blog! I used it to choose a winery – Wilson Creek – at which to spend an afternoon with my family in a couple of weeks.

  2. Anaka Wood Says:

    Just moved to this area in July. Excited to meet new friends!!

  3. denisek Says:

    Hi! My friend found out about your group and joined and told me about it! I’m hoping to get out and make new friends for myself and my 2 little ones! I have 2 girls that are 3 and 4!

  4. Amy Says:

    I’m a member of fit4mom in Temecula. A friend in the group is a member and told us about your wine run coming up. I’d love to take part. I have a 2 yr old and 8 month old.

  5. Teresa Marasco Says:

    Love this! Excited to get to know you all!

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